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Norton Mobile Security: How does Norton App Lock work?

Norton Mobile Security : How does Norton App Lock work?

Norton App Lock Works: Norton is known for its security functions in the security and technology market. Provides several products for personal and commercial use. In addition, it launched a free mobile blocking application for Android devices. The system requirement for this application is Android OS 4.1 or later. Let's analyze its features that make this application unique and important for all users of Android smartphones.

How Norton App Lock works

Custom PIN, password and pattern lock

• Add PIN, password and pattern lock to your different application on your device.
• Use the same or different PIN for different applications.
• Avoid and avoid unauthorized calls from your device due to pocket calls.
• Your password and PIN will remain secure and will not be shared by anyone.

Hide confidential information

• Your confidential information will remain hidden from other users.
• The Norton Lock application will provide additional security in case of device theft.
• You can also choose to hide applications and other software.

Block photos, videos and other multimedia files

• An intruder with curious eyes will not be able to access or view your multimedia files.
• Hide feature will allow you to choose if you want to hide some media from the main library.

Block social media application

• When you add your PIN or password to your social applications, you can open that application.
• This other user will not be able to update their social media profile.
• Also, your updates will only be yours. As nobody else can make changes in their publications.

Advanced Parental Control

• If you have a child who likes to use their smartphones from time to time, this application is for you.
• Norton Lock will help you keep some applications inaccessible to the child.
• You can also make games and other distracting apps private.
• Also, keep accessible Internet content at bay.

Recharge with anti-theft function

• When someone tries to unlock their device with the correct PIN or Password, Norton Lock clicks on that person's photo. And the photo is saved in your gallery.
• With this function enabled, you can verify the person who tried to access your Android device.
• In addition, you can make sure that your device works only with your hands.

All these features and more make Norton Lock a perfect Android user who wants to keep their personal data protected. The data of your Android device will be in good hands and will be at your fingertips with Norton Lock.

Norton Troubleshoot - How to get rid of Norton "3019, 1" Error?

Norton Troubleshoot - How to get rid of Norton "3019, 1" Error?

Undo Norton 3019-1 Error - Norton is a popular antivirus and security service provider that has advanced protection technology available for different devices. With Norton, you feel safe against viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware and other advanced threats. Therefore, when your Norton shows some kind of error, you must correct that error because it may put at risk the protection of your data and devices.

How to get rid of Norton 3019-1 error?

Get rid of Norton 3019-1 error

One of these common errors is Norton Error 3019.1. The good news is that it is easy to solve this error with a few simple steps. The reason for this error can be some corrupt system files or conflicts with other software. Follow these steps mentioned below to get rid of Error Norton 3019.1.

Step 1: Run LiveUpdate

• Start the Norton application on your device
• Click on Security in the main menu.
• Later, click LiveUpdate.
• Norton will search for an update available for the device.
• If there is an update, install it. Go to the next step when your program says "Your Norton product has the latest protection updates."
• Close all the tabs and restart your computer.

Step 2: Look for threats by running Quick Scan

• Start Norton on your device.
• Go to security in the main menu.
• Click on Scans and in the Scans window, choose Quick Scan.
• Norton will run a quick scan on your device looking for possible threats and other problems.
• Let the scan complete at 100%.
• If a problem is found, fix it. Otherwise, quit the Norton application.

Step 3: uninstall the antivirus other than Norton

• To open a run dialog box on your Windows device, press Windows + R.
• In the dialog box, type appwiz.cpl and press the Enter key.
• A list of installed applications appears on your screen.
• Select all non-Symantec security programs and uninstall or delete them.
• When the installation is complete, restart your computer.

Why does none of the above methods work?

Download and run Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool:
The Norton Remove and reinstall tool helps you to conveniently remove Norton software and then install it without problems. Using this tool you can repair the Norton Error 3019.1. Before using this method, make sure you have a high-speed Internet connection and an operating system updated to the latest version.

Get in touch with our customer service team:
Even after following all these steps, your Norton shows error 3019.1 and then you get in touch with our customer support team. A technician will help you solve the problem by solving device problems. He can ask for remote access permission to fix the error. Our services are 24 * 7 available for our valued customers.

Get Norton Setup at

Fix Problems Downloading Norton at

Fix problems downloading Norton at

Fix problems downloading Norton – Sometimes while downloading Norton the user may get error and download stop suddenly. The reason for such kind of error may be due to many reasons i.e. failure of the system to understand the new Software.

Fix Problems Downloading Norton

When an error occurs and your Norton stop downloading then you can try any of these methods to fix the issue.

Step 1: Restart Your Computer

·         Close all the tabs and programs running on your device.
·         Click on the restart button and wait until your device starts.
·         Try downloading the Norton again, if the problem still persists move to the next step.

Redownload Norton From The Start

·         Go to the official Norton account on the web browser of your choice.
·         If you are not signed in then you will be prompted to sign in to your account. Use the email address and password to sign in.
·         Go to the Norton setup window and click on Norton Download Button.
·         Click Agree and Download
·         If the message appears “Trial period expired” then you are installing the wrong product. Make sure your subscription is active.
·         If the subscription is not active then enter a new product key and continue with the download.
·         Depending on your browser, follow these steps
·         For Google Chrome: Look at the bottom of your Chrome screen, the recent download will be there. Double-click on it to open.
·         For Firefox or Safari: Go to the top-right corner of the browser to access the file you just downloaded. Double-click on it to open.
·         For Internet Explorer: The download will start automatically and click on Run to continue.
·         The User Account Control window appears then click Yes to allow the Norton to make changes to your device.
·         Follow further instructions and successfully download and install Norton on your device.

If The Problem Is Still Not Fixed

·         Delete the temporary files and other cache data
·         Press Windows Key + R on your Windows Computer.
·         In the Run dialog box, type temp and press enter.
·         A list of all temporary files will appear. Select all and press delete key.

Contact Customer Support Team After following the above steps, your problem with Norton download still occurs then you need a skilled technician to help you fix the error. We can provide you a certified technician who will guide you and fix the issue. Protect Your PC with Norton Antivirus Program

It is known that a Norton antivirus program has a number of technological benefits for computer users. It comes bundled with a series of features and tools to help people repair malicious data files on their computer system. You can protect a range of data files on your computer system if there is a Norton antivirus program installed in its place.

Norton antivirus customer service number - 1-888-891-7972

Since the program presents so many tools and applications, you must be careful when installing and configuring the program on your computer system. In most cases, it has been observed that incorrect configuration can develop incompatibility problems with other software programs in your computer system. In such conditions, you must implement all the technical steps that are recommended only for the Norton installation. Norton antivirus protection and Norton security analysis services can be easily guaranteed if the installation procedures have been carried out properly.

If you are new to such technical procedures, then it would be better to try Norton help and support services to configure all the protection tools and applications of Norton in your computer system. With the help of advanced technical support for Norton, you can easily get rid of technical problems in the coming days.

You must ensure that the Norton antivirus program installed is properly compatible with other software programs installed on your computer system. When customizing the software program, you should consider its browsing behavior, data files, and other important elements that may affect the way the Norton AV program scans your data files on your computer system. The best protection against Norton virus can be guaranteed only if you have configured the program properly in your computer system. For more details on how you can configure the program on your computer system, you can visit nortoncomsetup-en and discover all possible solutions in real time.

For all types of technical support, you should contact Norton's experienced customer support professionals who can provide you with the best technical solution through your Norton contact support toll-free number - 1-888-891-7972. With the help of instant and effective Norton antivirus technical support service through a free Norton antivirus customer service number - 1-888-891-7972, you can get rid of all kinds of technical obstacles without delay.

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