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Basic Computer Security Tips | Security Tips of the Day

Computer security is important and one should not be taken lightly. Every time you connect to the Internet without taking any security measures, you increase the risk that your private information stored on your computer will leak to a stranger. In this article, I will explain four basic information security tips that you should know.

Basic Computer Security Tips
Basic Computer Security

1. New computer

When buying a new computer, it is important to turn on the firewall. For example, if you are buying a computer with Windows XP operating system, what you should do is activate the Windows Firewall before connecting. Although it cannot protect it completely, it is good enough to protect your PC before buying a new firewall.

2. Email

Attachments in unknown emails are often a threat. Never open any attachment from an unknown email. Sometimes the subject of the email said something about receiving a greeting card and asking him to click on the link in that email. I opened this type of email and was attacked by a Trojan horse. Luckily my antivirus aborted the connection.

3. Update your virus definition

Installing an antivirus will not be enough. A constant update is needed so you can receive a new virus definition. Every day new threats are created and updating your virus definition on a regular basis is crucial to detect newer threats.

The use of these tips will reduce the risk of an intruder stealing your private information. However, these tips are not enough to protect your computer, since they are only basic computer security tips. Get more information to create a virtual wall around your computer.

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