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Protection of Privacy in Connected Devices -

Protection of Privacy in Connected Devices

Protection of Privacy in Connected Devices

Today's world is one of connectivity and convenience. Gartner, the world's leading consulting and research firm, estimates that by 2020, more than 20 billion connected devices will be used worldwide.1 this growing digitization of everyday items is known as the Internet of Things It. Whether it's a smart toaster or smart TV, these essential household items are made with Internet connectivity in mind.

More Connections Can Equal More Vulnerabilities

The average home contains some potentially vulnerable devices in addition to laptops, smartphones, and tablets. These can include game consoles, printers, smart TVs, media players and even a baby monitor, thermostat and coffee maker. These connected devices can increase the information that computer thieves can acquire about us. If your home network does not have robust security, security flaws in IoT devices could give hackers ample opportunity to access and steal confidential information. An effective way to avoid an attack is to block the networks of your home.

Ways to help protect your privacy

There are numerous steps you can take to increase security in your home system. The easiest method is to change your default administrator password. The default passwords are easy to hack since they are just a search on the Internet. Many people simply connect their new routers and do not configure new passwords. Things can be complicated if a hacker gains access to your router and changes the configuration. You must also disable access to the guest network so that strangers can not use your account at any time and disconnect your SSID.

Many routers allow the owner to configure numerous network IDs. To create more security, create a network for your computer, printer and other computing devices and a separate SSID for additional home devices, including video game consoles and smart TVs. If your devices are infected with malware, the hacker is limited to a single network, which ensures that other devices remain protected.

Encryption also plays an important role in the security and well-being of your connected devices. It is essential to use strong encryption available. Link it with a strong and multifaceted password and increase your security. In addition, you must change the passwords of all your devices and make them as strong as possible. Regularly updated passwords mean less chance of attack.

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