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chat It Is Necessary to Have a System of Insured Computer

Each and every one of the users of computers, especially Internet users, must know the precautions before using a computer system. Because nowadays, as we all know, technologies are being developed, but they are not completely protected and they are safe. So, it is very important to have Antivirus installed on all your systems.

 System of Insured Computer

Introduction to Norton Anti-Virus

Now let me introduce you to the software that you can use. The most convenient and easiest way to protect yourself from viruses is to install Norton Security online. This Norton Anti-Virus is one of the famous security software that is easily available through Internet access.

Simple & easy installation process online

Step 2: Download the free version of Norton Antivirus. Log in or create a new account with the help of mentioning your email address & completing the registration/login process.

Step 3: Now take it to the Norton configuration page. There you can see the download icon. Click on the download button, start downloading as soon as you click on it

Step 4: After the download completes, you will find the .exe extension file in your downloads folder. Now double-click on the extension file .exe

Step 5: Now you have been asked for two options. Either Install on this system or Install on another system. Select Install on this computer system.

Step 6: Now a new window appears, click OK and then the installation process starts at that moment.

Step 7: then click next & then the installation process continues.

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