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Norton Mobile Security: How does Norton App Lock work?

Norton Mobile Security : How does Norton App Lock work?

Norton App Lock Works: Norton is known for its security functions in the security and technology market. Provides several products for personal and commercial use. In addition, it launched a free mobile blocking application for Android devices. The system requirement for this application is Android OS 4.1 or later. Let's analyze its features that make this application unique and important for all users of Android smartphones.

How Norton App Lock works

Custom PIN, password and pattern lock

• Add PIN, password and pattern lock to your different application on your device.
• Use the same or different PIN for different applications.
• Avoid and avoid unauthorized calls from your device due to pocket calls.
• Your password and PIN will remain secure and will not be shared by anyone.

Hide confidential information

• Your confidential information will remain hidden from other users.
• The Norton Lock application will provide additional security in case of device theft.
• You can also choose to hide applications and other software.

Block photos, videos and other multimedia files

• An intruder with curious eyes will not be able to access or view your multimedia files.
• Hide feature will allow you to choose if you want to hide some media from the main library.

Block social media application

• When you add your PIN or password to your social applications, you can open that application.
• This other user will not be able to update their social media profile.
• Also, your updates will only be yours. As nobody else can make changes in their publications.

Advanced Parental Control

• If you have a child who likes to use their smartphones from time to time, this application is for you.
• Norton Lock will help you keep some applications inaccessible to the child.
• You can also make games and other distracting apps private.
• Also, keep accessible Internet content at bay.

Recharge with anti-theft function

• When someone tries to unlock their device with the correct PIN or Password, Norton Lock clicks on that person's photo. And the photo is saved in your gallery.
• With this function enabled, you can verify the person who tried to access your Android device.
• In addition, you can make sure that your device works only with your hands.

All these features and more make Norton Lock a perfect Android user who wants to keep their personal data protected. The data of your Android device will be in good hands and will be at your fingertips with Norton Lock.

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