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How to Protect Your Android Device From Malware

The rate of adoption of mobile devices continues to rise, with Android leading the way. The open source operating system led by Google is now found in more than half of all smartphones. This huge people base has tied the attention of cybercriminals, that have begun to replicate their ventures to illegally obtain personal details from Android members. While most virus for mobile phones is found in regions, for example, Russia & China, customers in Europe & the United States are not completely immune.

Protect Your Android Device From Malware

Protect Your Android Device From Malware

There are some simple steps you can take to prevent your data from being blocked in an encrypted jail.

1: App source 

Only download applications from honorable sources like the Google Play Store. Be wary of every website that permits you to download and install paid applications for free. 

2: App permissions 

Even if downloading from the Google Play Store you have to be careful. Verify the permissions the app asks for. Frequently, applications that can include malware will request lots of permissions so they can be immediately gain control over all of your phone's information. 

3: Settings 

Google consists of various settings in the Android operating system that could prevent malicious effects. Systems running Android 2 .2 or more, which essentially indicates nearly all Android systems, get access to Google's malware scanner. Before installing a software application, you downloaded outside the Play store, Google would scan the app or warn you of any possible threats. 

4: Applications updates 

While this may not be an option for most users, if there is an update for your device, be sure to download and install it. Manufacturers, operators, and Google constantly release updates with bug fixes, improvements and new features that can make your device more secure.

5: Antivirus applications

The Google Play store also houses hundreds of antivirus applications that can offer an additional layer of protection. Companies like Avast, Kaspersky,  BitDefender, AVG, Sophos, Symantec Norton & Trend Micro have a long & established track record as some of the most trusted brands in the industry.

6: Make a backup of your data

Keep your device backed up. You can do it:

  • On your computer.
  • Use a cloud-based backup service such as Google Drive.
  • On a portable hard drive such as a USB pen drive.
Protect Your Android Device From Malware

Tips for removing Android Ransomware

The instructions provided below will also help you to remove Android ransomware:

Restart your phone in safe mode:
  • Find the power button and then press it for a few seconds until you see a menu. Click on Shutdown.
  • Once you receive a dialog window that suggests that you restart your Android in safe mode, select this option and press OK.
  • If this did not work for you, simply turn off your device and then turn it on. Once it is activated, try holding down Menu, Volume Down, Volume Up or both buttons together to see the Safe Mode.
Uninstall malicious and suspicious & unknown applications:
  • When you are in Safe Mode, go to Settings. Then, click on Applications or Application Manager this may vary depending on your device.
  • Here, look for the suspicious applications mentioned above & uninstall them.

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