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How to Uninstall Programs & Applications on Mac operating system

It is not just Mac, it is any operating system that runs on any device, you may have to uninstall programs & applications at any time due to different reasons. It is possible that you install something just to try & really do not find it worth having it, and you need some space on your disk for some more important application, and you are changing from one platform to another, and your application is damaged and other problems. This may be the case with any platform and device. But you must be very careful and you must understand that each operating system has its own way of uninstalling any application.

Uninstalling programs & applications on another platform is not as easy as on a Mac. Every time someone changes from Windows to Mac OS X, one of the immediate problems is how to uninstall programs. That is because there is no immediately obvious solution to do so. The reason for this is quite simple; uninstalling applications on a Mac is infinitely simpler than any other platform. So let's find out more how: Call toll free Number + 1-888-891-7972 For Support

 Help Of A Dedicated Uninstall Application

According to most users, it is one of the best methods to uninstall any application on Mac. There are a number of free and paid options available in the market, which may be the best for you. They can help you uninstall a single application and a set of programs. They are easy to download and use and selecting any of them will allow you to search for the file you want to delete.

Manually uninstall Mac application

Because of the lack of a system registry, you have to remove Mac programs manually. Even though you could delete all kinds of application manually, however it is a bit more dangerous. You may unknowingly eradicate something that must not have been. But if you want to continue, you can do it by-

Deleting the .app file or removing the .plist file

Both files are deleted in the same way, but the removal of the files from the property list is a bit different since it is difficult to locate them. Usually, these files are located in the folder / Library / Preferences, but it is not easy to access this folder on a Mac. To visit this location, click on the option Go to the folder in the Finder pressing the key combination Command + Shift + G, and then enter the path / Library / Preferences). Once inside, you can send the related. plist files to the trashcan manually, as usual.

Deleting the .kext files

As stated earlier, it is a risky territory and the removal of kernel extensions may not be favorable for you. So, if you are not sure how to do it, do not do it. However, it will not create damage to make a backup copy of the files you are deleting in another location. But if you want to continue, go to the Folder dialog box and go to the / System / Library / Extensions folder and then put those files in the Trash. In case you make an error, restore the file to its original location from the previously created backup. Call toll-free Number + 1-888-891-7972 For Support

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