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Steps to clean a Facebook virus with Norton Antivirus

Facebook is a recognized social networking website that millions of users use worldwide. Facebook has a group of customers, as it is popular among the younger generation as well for older customers. But it does not always show positive signs, it can be easily attacked by various types of viruses and malicious content. It is very common to hear that your friend or relative has been hacked or infected by the virus. If you are one of the users facing this problem, call our customer service at the Norton technical support number. To eliminate such virus and vulnerable content from your Facebook, the Norton antivirus is the best software solution that will help you deal with the situation.

In the following tutorial, you will find the steps to clean your Facebook using Norton antivirus-

In the first, you must verify that your Facebook account is hacked or not. Here sign in to your Facebook account and then change the password

The other steps you can take to protect your Facebook are to keep your Facebook completely disconnected when you are not using it. If it is not closed correctly, then it is possible that anyone can access your account only knowing your email address.

First clean your Internet cache, history and the temporary folder of Internet files
Use Norton Security Scan to scan the entire system, as it is one of the best security software that can help you overcome the problem. Try to eliminate or eliminate any virus that is found after scanning
You can also download and install the Cleaner software, but you should only run it if you are fully aware of it.

In case you encounter any kind of problem with the steps or cannot secure your Facebook account, please contact our support service by calling the Norton Antivirus Customer Service phone number - (+ 1-888-891-7972). The number is available 24/7 throughout the day so that the customer can easily connect our service without any obstacle. Here you will have the support of a team of experienced and responsible technicians.

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