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Norton .com/setup - Just what is a hacker and what do they do? + 1-888-891-7972

Precisely what is meant by the term Hacker? What do they do and how?

A hacker can be anyone who uses their knowledge of computer coding to buy pass security measures on a computer, device or network. At first, the viruses had several utilities and were designed primarily by people in the computer industry.

University students created viruses for research projects in order to help advance their studies and refine their coding skills. Hackers are usually categorized by the kind of metaphorical hat utilized by Whitehat, Greyhat, Blackhat, the phrase originates from the old spaghetti westerns where the bad boys wear the black cowboy hat and the excellent boy wears a white hat.

There are two main things that determine the type of hacker you face, your motivations and whether or not they violate the law. If we did not have hackers finding for threats and vulnerabilities before the Blackhats could find them after that right now there would probably be much more cybercrime than now.

You should not worry unnecessarily about hacking programs. They are quite rare on personal computers. It is network administrators who lose sleep over them.

The exclusion is if you run a permanent Internet connection (always active), especially a broadband or DSL cable connection. Hackers love to colonize these connections because they are very useful. If you have one of these, you must install additional security such as Norton Internet Security. Your service provider will be aware of the risk and should offer advice on what type of security you need.

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