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Mirai botnet malware jumps to Windows to help extend to more devices

In October 2016, the world learned about the first "Internet of Things" malware, which is a variety of malware that can infect connected devices such as DVRs, security cameras and more. The Mirai malware accessed the devices using the password and the default usernames. Next, the malware converts the affected devices into a botnet to facilitate a distributed DeniaMl of Service (DDoS) attack. This attack ended up flooding one of the largest website hosting companies in the world, causing a large number of important and well-known websites and services to stop for hours.

Originally, this virus could only infect Linux-based devices, which many connected systems use. This week, protection researchers discovered a version that can now infect Windows PCs and spread to IoT systems in a network. The Windows version of Mirai will try to connect to those devices through potentially open ports. These ports could simply be other Windows machines or they can be connected devices. After connecting successfully and determining that the platform is based on Linux, it will convert that particular device into a DDoS robot in the Mirai botnet. This means that the malware now has a wider infection and distribution rate. There are approximately one billion Windows PCs that currently run all versions of Windows.

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What is a botnet?

A botnet is a network of computers, phones, and tablets that have been infected with malware and then controlled by the owner. The "commander" of the botnet instructs all devices to send large amounts of data to a particular target, such as a web hosting company or a specific website. This results in what is called distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. A DDoS attack uses all the devices of your "army" to attack a target and flood it with traffic. When a website is flooded with too much traffic, it can be disconnected and users can not access it.

The landscape of threats to Internet security is changing

The adoption of devices connected to the Internet has increased in recent years. As a result, that has opened up our digital lives to a multitude of vulnerabilities. A connected device is a computer in itself, therefore, it is susceptible to its own security problems. That means that your connected thermostat, colorful lighting systems, Bluetooth door locks and even toasters need protection.
As a result of the increasing popularity of these devices, the attackers have taken note. Since the appearance of Mirai in October, since then it has appeared on the dark web: the code is available for anyone to modify, and there are established botnets that use this malware available for rent.

Protect what you can

The best way to defend all your devices is to protect what comes in contact with your network. Because this particular variety of Mirai malware targets Windows computers, it is imperative that it protects them. Your first step in a good defense against this type of malware and more is to install an accredited Internet security program, such as Norton Security. Norton Security already detects this version of the Mirai malware.

Do not forget your router

The more protected your devices are, the lower your chances of becoming involuntary participants of this type of attack. Your router is essentially the gateway to your digital home. The first thing you should do is change the default password on your router. You should be able to find the online instructions by searching the Internet for the brand and model number of your router, and using the search term "settings" or "change default password".

Do not forget: routers also have their own vulnerabilities. Earlier this month, a router manufacturer announced a patch for software vulnerabilities in more than 30 devices that could allow hackers to access the router's password.

If you really want to take your digital security to the next level, consider using a "digital deadbolt" like Norton Core. The Internet landscape may be changing rapidly, but we are one step ahead of the bad guys. Norton Core is the first and only secure high-performance router with integrated Norton protection. Available for pre-order now. follow step by step to Norton Setup Support, call us at +1-888-891-7972 to set up your Norton now. Download Reinstall and activate, Norton Setup.

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