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How to update Norton to the latest version - Norton Security

The use of Norton antivirus security on your PC or cell phones is basic to maintaining the security of information against digital assault. In addition, since the essential capacity of an antivirus is to sweep and clean the infection, a client must verify the Norton administrations or some other version of the antivirus when obtaining the membership. In case you are among the clients that use Norton Security's programming for gadget insurance, it is essential to keep the update updated to obtain the most extreme security for your information and your gadget.

The free version of Norton antivirus provides a basic level of features and protection while buying a Norton subscription; You will have access to advanced features for better security of your devices. To update your antivirus to the latest version, you must have an active purchased subscription. If you already have an active antivirus subscription, you can remotely update the current product to the latest version of your Norton account at no additional charge. To download and install Norton the latest update for your operating system or Android, simply visit www. Mac users can simply update the antivirus software from their Norton account.

 Follow the steps to update Norton Setup to the latest version:

Visit your service provider's website and follow the instructions below to update to the latest version of Norton:

Step 1: Log in to your Norton account with your correct email ID and password

Step 2: If you have lost or forgotten your account password or any details or you want to reset it, read the "I forgot my Norton account password" section available on the website's login page.

Step 3: Click on the 'Update' button present next to the mentioned Norton product that you want to update.

Step 4: the option 'Update' will not be available and you will not be able to click if you have already updated the antivirus.

Step 5: From the Norton update center, update your antivirus and wait a moment, as it could take a few minutes.

Your Norton Antivirus is now updated; You can scan your computer or any device.

To update your Norton product for Windows, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Norton Update Center

Step 2: Click on 'Update now' and start downloading the update automatically. In case the download does not start, you can do it manually.

Step 3: Click on the Download file option, you will find the 'Security warning window', proceed by clicking on Run.

Step 4: Follow the instructions shown on the screen and continue with the next one.

Step 5: Wait until the installation is in progress and you will have the latest Norton antivirus version. You can use this on multiple devices.

If you have any problems accessing your account or updating the antivirus, contact Norton customer support toll-free at + 1-888-891-7972 immediately for assistance.

An expert in technical writing, James Watson has been studying and writing about all the latest technologies. Be it Outlook, Norton internet security Setup, Microsoft & Antivirus, it strives to get knowledge even of minor updates or changes that occur in the current technological world. Many publishers have published a series of articles written by him. 

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