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Basic Computer Security Tips | Security Tips of the Day

Computer security is important and one should not be taken lightly. Every time you connect to the Internet without taking any security mea...

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Basic Computer Security Tips | Security Tips of the Day

Computer security is important and one should not be taken lightly. Every time you connect to the Internet without taking any security measures, you increase the risk that your private information stored on your computer will leak to a stranger. In this article, I will explain four basic information security tips that you should know.

Basic Computer Security Tips
Basic Computer Security

1. New computer

When buying a new computer, it is important to turn on the firewall. For example, if you are buying a computer with Windows XP operating system, what you should do is activate the Windows Firewall before connecting. Although it cannot protect it completely, it is good enough to protect your PC before buying a new firewall.

2. Email

Attachments in unknown emails are often a threat. Never open any attachment from an unknown email. Sometimes the subject of the email said something about receiving a greeting card and asking him to click on the link in that email. I opened this type of email and was attacked by a Trojan horse. Luckily my antivirus aborted the connection.

3. Update your virus definition

Installing an antivirus will not be enough. A constant update is needed so you can receive a new virus definition. Every day new threats are created and updating your virus definition on a regular basis is crucial to detect newer threats.

The use of these tips will reduce the risk of an intruder stealing your private information. However, these tips are not enough to protect your computer, since they are only basic computer security tips. Get more information to create a virtual wall around your computer.

Norton Security VS Windows Defender,

Norton Internet Security Setup vs Windows Defender/ A fair comparison

Windows Defender and Norton; both are ruling the market of Antivirus and Internet Security. Both are good at security your personal information and data. However, with the research of 20 years and intelligence operations 24*7*365 in over 365 countries, Norton finishes at first in the race.

Norton vs Windows Defender
Norton security vs Windows Defender

Why should you choose Norton Internet Security Setup?

  1. Norton is the most trusted security setup with the years of experience protecting people while browsing internet over Windows 10 and its previous versions.
  2. Additional features are installed to improve overall Windows experience and that makes your system faster than the defender installed on your Windows 10 operating system.
  3. Norton Internet Security Setup provides 100 per cent online safety and monitoring for your entire family including your children and their devices.
  4. A super secure password and identity management.
  5. Not only windows, a Norton subscription can be used across multiple platforms such as Mac, iOS, and Android
  6. Your personal information, local files, and your identity will be secured with the most advanced security system.
  7. You can easily access to technicians who will be available to help you anytime. In many of the regions, the customer support is 24*7 available. Microsoft doesn’t offer this type of support.
  8. Norton Internet Security Setup provides a 100 % Virus Protection Guarantee, promising to keep your computer protect all the time and removal of viruses if needed.

What are the special securities provided by Norton but Microsoft doesn’t offer

  • Proactive Exploit Protection (PEP).
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).
  • Emulation and sand boxing of potential threats.
  • Two-way firewall.
  • Norton Anti-Spam.
  • Social network protection.
  • Compatible with multiple browsers.
  • Cloud-based management.

What rescue tools Norton offers when your computer becomes vulnerable

Norton Power Eraser

This is the harshest scanning technology that can scan any available virus in your device and it can remove it with an immediate effect.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

You will receive Norton Internet Security Setup as an ISO image and then you can use to create bootable rescue media on DVD or USB drive. This media can be used to scan and remove threats from your computer.

Go to to install Norton Antivirus Setup and make your PC and other devices free from viruses. Get Norton Family Chrome and Browser Extension to browse safe on your PC and laptop., Norton Internet Security Scan

Why Norton Internet Security Scan is the most trusted brand in the market?

This is the time when the world is moving with a blazing fast technology. The things seemed impossible are happening easily in the current time. The world is moving on with taps and clicks. The new world is highly influenced by the innovation of technology. Let’s discuss some of the things that make a better product than anyone else in the market.

Norton Internet Security Scan
Norton Internet Security Scan

Rich History

The digital world is constantly growing and so Norton com is moving one step ahead. Norton is protecting the Computer and Internet users from last 25 years and still doing the same with advanced and expert techniques.

Experienced Security Experts

The Norton global security support provider is always keeping an eye on the new malware threats attacking the computer and internet market. More than 70000 new threats take place to the computer world. And Norton Security Setup keeps itself one step ahead to thrash away all of them. Our ACE team spend days to months to find them and remove from your devices.

First access to the technology

A widespread intelligence network helps us to know about upcoming threats in the digital world. We are constantly keeping our surveillance on 40 million endpoints in over 150 countries. Your data and information will be protected with our advanced tools and deep scans.

Support & Service

A team of over 1700 technical support executives is serving people around the globe. No matter where are you sitting on this planet, your query related to Norton setup on any browser will be resolved within a few minutes. Norton is so sure and confident about its services that it offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its services.

Find Norton products and support at affordable prices at or call us for Norton chrome Extensions. Your concern will be clarified and sorted within a matter of minutes.

If you have any concern regarding Norton Internet Security Setup, Family Chrome Browser & Security Extension, find us for the best solution with Norton Antivirus Setup on your computer.

Download Norton Antivirus Setup,

Download Norton Antivirus Setup and get rid of your thousands of Internet threat related problems

You must understand that Internet threat comes from all backgrounds to any smart device you are using today. And it’s unfortunate that there is no way of completely ridding yourself of these frauds. The frauds will send you emails, try to hack your accounts & passwords. If you have taken the right steps in the same direction, you can protect your device and you have nothing to worry about there. But if not, you are possibly in danger.

Download Norton Antivirus Setup Offers - Norton Chrome Security Extensions, Norton.Com/Setup Download, Norton Security Deluxe Setup, Norton Internet Security Setup, Norton Browser Extensions, Norton Family Chrome Extension,  www Norton com/setup with product key, www Norton com/setup to install

Here are 7 smart moves you should be doing before if you have not downloaded Norton Setup

Passwords: Keep your passwords secure and don’t share them with anyone.

Social Networking: You must think twice before uploading your photos or personal information on a Social website.

Phone Calls: Any unknown calls you and ask you for the personal information such as Credit or Debit Card Details, Bank Account Number; never ever share.

When Purchasing Online: Always research the supplier and purchase from the trusted one. And always use a safe payment method.

Mobile: Nowadays, whether it’s a mobile or a smartphone; all are equally important. Most of the Internet work is usually happens through a smartphone. Hence, it becomes a necessity to provide more protection to it.

Install Security Scanner: Keep your device safe with one of the best Internet Security Setups in the market. For example; you can go for Norton Security Setup.

The laptops, computers, and smartphones have become the most important part of our lives.

Best way to secure your Internet?

The safest move to secure your devices is to buy good internet security software for them. It will definitely help you avoid risks and other threat factors monitoring the Internet users. A good security scanner stops you from clicking vulnerable links and malicious websites.

Download Norton Antivirus Security Setup and forget all your security related worries for all your Internet Connected Devices. Norton Security Setup comes with wide range of choices; Standard, Deluxe & Premium. The Internet Security promises you 100 % virus free environment for all your devices. It definitely protects you better than any other products available in the market. provides - Norton Security Deluxe Setup, Norton Internet Security Setup, Norton Browser Extensions, Norton Family Chrome Extension, Norton Chrome Security Extensions, Norton com/setup with product key, Norton Com/Setup Download, Norton com/setup to install

Our Norton Product Services

Norton Setup: download and install Norton Security | | Norton Product Key Setup |

Norton Configuration: Download and install Norton Security online to protect your computer from threats. If you need help, call the toll-free help line or chat with us live.

Configure your Norton security at with a valid product key

If you just bought Norton Security, and want to download and install it online. then, just have your 25 digit Norton Setup product key code handy and visit to complete your Norton product registration. If you have any problems with the configuration or activation of Norton, contact us through live chat, email us or by calling one of our toll-free numbers and we will be happy to assist you in fixing the entire installation and reinstallation of Norton product and we can also help you to resolve other problems related to the computer as well.

How to log in to your existing account to download your product?

You need to visit And then use the same email address you provided when you created your account for the first time. Once you have successfully logged into your account, you can start downloading your product online. If you need help with the process of restoring your account, call us or initiate live chat with us.

Prerequisites Before beginning the installation of Norton?

  • Make sure that your operating-system has the newest updates installed successfully
  • Make sure your pc matches the minimum system requirements
  • Make sure that your system does not have any conflicting programs installed
  • Make sure there are no junk files in the temporary folders of your system
  • Make sure you have a valid subscription available for your antivirus security

Help and solve Norton Setup problems with our online experts

  • Our experts can help you set up Norton security online
  • We will check the compatibility of the system and the latest installed updates
  • Help to log in to your account or create an account if you are a new user.
  • Diagnose, troubleshoot and repair installation problems
  • Removal of conflicting security software for the smooth installation of your online security program
  • Update your Windows operating system to avoid problems such as "incomplete Norton installation"

We provide help & support for the Setup, activation, installation and reinstallation of all types of Computer / laptop software. Please contact us for more information about our product & services. Call toll-free Number + 1-888-891-7972 or initiate live chat For Support.

Please note: If you are from a different country and need online help with the installation and reinstallation of Norton, start an online chat. Currently, our free help line is available only to US customers. United States, Canada & United Kingdom

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